Let’s take a guess. 

You think owning a home is expensive, difficult, and probably not possible.
Why is Owning Better Than Renting?
Most are stuck in the mind set that renting is just easier, and people are ok with it. The truth is you're doing yourself a major disservice. We encourage EVERYONE to give home ownership a try, because you have nothing to lose!

Anchored Down

Studies have shown that homeowners have stronger marriages and kids perform better in school. When a family has roots in a home unlike a rental, they won’t be moving, changing school districts, etc. Having your own place to raise a family is your best bet!

Piggy Bank

The best part of owning a home is the financial benefits. Every month you pay your mortage payment, your eating away at your debt, and building equity, and gaining yourself more and more “ownership” of your home as time goes on. It’s actually putting your money to use, where paying rent is like throwing your money away!

Picking Your Home

Rather than living in a rental because it was one of the only ones available at the time and kind of fits your needs, or buying an existing home that is in your budget, but you have to settle for certain layouts or amenities only because it fits your price range, a new home allows you to pick a plan, colors, and amenities that work for you! It’s yours, make it how you want it from the beginning! 

Tax Breaks

When you own your home, you get to write off your taxes and interest. This can mean literally thousands of extra dollars you get back every year. What do you get back when renting? Nothing!